Here at Jeff’s Outdoor Services one of the most common questions we get is, “What is this weed growing in my yard and how do I get rid of it?”   Follow along  as we identify the 4 most common lawn weeds. Be sure to check out our Lawn Care page to learn more about weed control and fertilization programs to help keep your yard looking it’s finest and being at it’s healthiest.  We offer a 4, 5 or 6 application program here at Jeff’s Outdoor Services.   Call today to get signed up

1. The Dandelion

Dandelions have green leaves that are edged with ‘teeth’ that grow mostly flat to the ground. These bright yellow flowers will fade to form a white puffball.  They will appear in yards that aren’t as healthy as they could be and most often in the spring and the fall.

2. Crabgrass

This weed germinates in the spring and will show up in summer in the bare areas of  your lawn or in dry spots. It’s will show up in a crab-like circle and has a blue-green tint to it’s leaves.

3. White Clover

Is a 3 leaf clover with bright green leaves decorated with white crescent shapes.  It appears from spring through fall and is usually found in thin lawns with nutrient-poor soil.

4. Creeping Charlie

Also called ground ivy, has dark green round leaves with scalloped edges and purple flowers that appear in spring.  It grows in moist, shady areas with poor soil.